SBR Bond Alphachem

Cromar Alpha Chem SBR Bond is a water-based non-ionically stabilized hydrolysis-resistant dispersion of a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer. The dispersion is freeze-thaw stable. It contains an antioxidant and is compatible with most hydraulic binders.

SBR Bond is used for modification of hydraulic blinders in common applications including repair mortar, flooring, rendering, bonding, mineral sealing slurries and as cement based adhesive. At higher temperatures (>25°C) the addition of SBR Bond prevents a premature stiffening of the mortar. The dispersion is free from plasticizer and other additives which can migrate.

SBR Bond Alphachem
SBR Bond 5kg X3SBR5

SBR Bond 5kg X3SBR5

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