Coveralls / Overalls & Bib / Brace

A boilersuit is known as an overall in some places, but that word is more usually understood as a bib-and-brace overall, which is a type of trousers with attached braces. boilersuit is also known as a coverall insomeplaces,butthat word is more usually understood as a dispoable one-piece, made of a much thinner material, such as polypropylene.
Coveralls / Overalls & Bib / Brace

Dickies Redhawk Economy Stud Front Coverall have a concealed stud front and full back elasticated waistband and the...

Dickies WD650 Painter's Bib and Brace

From £28.45 (exc VAT)

Dickies 650MW Painter's Bib & Brace White

The Dickies WD650 Painter's Bib and Brace have been designed to...

Scan Disposable Overall Blue

From £5.42 (exc VAT)

Scan WWDOM Disposable Overall Blue

Scan Disposable Overall with knitted cuffs, elasticated hood, waist and...

Scan WWDOM56 Chemical Splash Resistant Disposable Coverall White Type 5/6

The Scan chemical splash resistant...

Silverline Disposable Overall

From £1.96 (exc VAT)

Silverline Disposable Overall

White polypropylene, disposable overall with zip-up front, elasticated hood, cuffs...