Sealants, Adhesives & Tapes

Allfix offer a huge range under the 'Sealants' banner, with varied products such as masking tape and yacht varnish. We stock adhesives, building chemicals, cleaning, decorating, fillers & foams, lubricants,sealants and tape.

    Types of Adhesives Include: Epoxy, Wood, Grab, Tile and Contact.
    Types of Building Chemicals Include: Plasticiser, Waterproofer, Mortar Tone, Geo-Fix, Feb, Epoxy Mortar and Frostproofer. Types of Cleaning Products include: Wipes, Glass, Hand and Surface.
    Types of Decorating and Woodcare Products Include: Paint Brush, Putty Knife, Steel Wool, Tile Spacers, Wallpaper Scissors and Woodworm Treatment.
    Types of Fillers & Foams Include: Caulk, Putty, Stopping and Fire Rated Foam.
    Types of Lubricants include: Zinc Galvaniser, Cutting & Tapping, Grease, Silicone Release and Penetrating.
    Types of Sealants & Silicone include: Construction, Industrial & Glazing, Kitchen & Bathroom, Frame, Multi-Purpose, Timber & Acoustic, Sikaflex, Marine, and Tooling to suit.
    Types of Tape include: Masking, Barrier, Electricians and Scrim.
Sealants, Adhesives & Tapes