Work Aprons

An apron is an outer protective garment that covers primarily the front of the body. It may be worn for hygienic reasons as well as in order to protect clothes from wear and tear. Aprons are worn in many commercial establishments to protect workers clothes from damage, mainly bib aprons, but also others such as blacksmith or farrier aprons.In addition to cloth, aprons can be made from a variety of materials. Rubber apronsarecommonly usedby persons working with dangerous chemicals, and lead aprons are commonly worn by persons such as X-ray technicians who work near radiation. Aprons, such as those used by carpenters, may have many pockets to hold tools. Waterproof householdaprons,made ofoilcloth or PVC are suitable for cooking and washing dishes.The word apron is from the metanalysis of the term "a napron" to "an apron". The original spelling of napron has been lost(from the Old French naperon;ModernFrench napperon).
Work Aprons
£4.84 (exc VAT) Each

Faithfull Carpenter's Apron

A traditional style carpenter's apron manufactured from quality linen.


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