The word jacket comes from the French word jaquette and it is derived from the name Jacques James. peakers of American English sometimes informally use the words jacket and coat interchangeably.

Apache ATS Soft Shell Jacket

From £30.62 (exc VAT)

Apache LRSSJM ATS Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket

The Apache ATS Soft Shell Jacket has a lightweight, water resistant...

Apache ATS Waterproof Padded Jacket

From £39.37 (exc VAT)

Apache WPJM ATS Waterproof Padded Jacket

The Apache ATS Waterproof Jacket is padded providing a good degree of...

Dickies 7010RBL Two Tone Soft Shell Red / Black Jacket

The Dickies Two Tone Soft Shell Jacket is made from fabric...

Milwaukee M12 Premium Heated Jacket

From £156.04 (exc VAT)

Milwaukee M12 HJBL3-0 Premium Heated Jacket

The Milwaukee M12 Premium Heated Jacket provides heat on demand, with...

Roughneck Quilted Jacket

From £42.45 (exc VAT)

Roughneck Quilted Jacket - Black & Blue Available

The Roughneck Quilted Jacket with a water resistant outer...