PinkGrip MS Adhesive

Pinkgrip MS is a hybrid polymer grab adhesive with next generation technology, designed to overcome the limitations of traditional grab adhesives, whilst maintaining the legendary grab strength of the original Pinkgrip formulation.

Pinkgrip MS will bond almost all common building materials, porous and non-porous, indoors and out an will even work on wet surfaces or underwater.

Excellent break off.
Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Incredible grab strength.
Fast curing.
Waterproof & Weather Resistant.
UV & Chemical resistant.
Primerless adhesion to common building substrates, porous and non-porous.
Low dirt pick up.
Virtually odourless.

PinkgripMS Features PinkgripMS Features

Sold Singulary or 12 units per box

  • PACK SIZE: 290ml
  • COLOUR: Pink
PinkGrip MS Adhesive
Pinkgrip MS Everbuild 290ml PINKGMSC3

Pinkgrip MS Everbuild 290ml PINKGMSC3

From £3.33 Each (exc VAT)
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