Smart Series FFP3 NR D Valved New Generation Mask (Pack 10)

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The Moldex Moldex Smart Series FFP3 NR D Valved New Generation Masks are suited to most industrial applications with a general purpose mask that is strong and durable, DuraMesh® structure for optimum shape retention and durability. Blue clip makes it suitable for the food industry.

Strap and Clip, for easy application. The user can hang the mask around the neck during breaks. The ActivForm® seal automatically adjusts to different face shapes and movements, reducing the need for multiple mask sizes. Ventex®-valve: reduces moisture and heat, keeping the mask as cool as possible.

Pack of 10.

FFP3 NR D for protection against harmful and carcinogenic dusts, fumes and aerosols based on water and oil, including radioactive particulates and airborne biological substances and enzymes.
20 x Workplace exposure limit.
EN149:2001 + A1:2009

Technical Specs

FFP3 NR D for protection against all dusts, mists and fumes
Respiratory protection for concentrations of organic vapours inorganic/acid gases
and ammonia up to 20 x WEL

Form or TableMoulded

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