Ulti-Mate Professional Woodscrews

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YZP Woodscrews Ulti-Mate Professional

The improved Ulti-Mate screw has the very latest Recess and Thread Design Technology.

The ACR PoziSquare 'Stable Drive System' offers reduced 'Cam-Out' and higher torque control resulting in less recess damage and longer driver bit life...

The 'Stick-Fit' between bit and screw recess allows for one-handed operation which increases work safety.

...and PoziSquare screws can also be driven with any standard cross recess driver bit!

Ulti-Mate screws have Self-Countersinking ribs and the Thicker, Stronger Shank holds better in wall plugs.

The single lead, deep thread offers the following advantages:

  • Controlled Driving
  • Reduced Stripping
  • Greater Holding Power
  • The new thread and point design helps UltiMate screws start even quicker in natural and artificial woods.

    The Waxed coating and unique thread design allows the screw to drive Faster and Easier.

    The hardened and toughened screws Resist breakage and with their Golden Zinc finish They Look Great!

    The experts' choice: Ulti-Mate Screws with genuine Phillips Drive System - There is no substitute.

    Ulti-Mate screws are sold by the box quantity and include a free driver bit.

    TypeProfessional Countersunk Cross Recessed
    Material and FinishSteel Zinc Yellow Plated

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